Posted on: December 29, 2020 Posted by: Chris Killeen Comments: 0

Last week we performed an initial review of a SkillTRAN product called Job Browser PRO.  This product provides a simple and rapid way to conduct job number analysis across the national economy while applying different levels of vocational factors and limitations …. but is this your only option?

Not even close!

Today we introduce one of SkillTRAN’s other offerings…Occubrowse. Occubrowse as a software is not quite as intuitive as Job Browser for all Social Security Adminsitration Vocational Experts (SSAVE), however it does provide very useful data. OccuBrowse is also very good when using for pre-testimony planning and research or interrogatories (on which will talk more later). The software is definitely an amazing source of information and we highly recommend using it and understanding all of the benefits that it provides…to see this in action check out our video excerpt above or on our channel at Stroud Academy!