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Over the last few posts, we’ve introduced the different regulations that the Social Security Administration uses to provide an overview and introduction to guidance for Social Security Administration Vocational Experts (SSAVE) as they enter this world of disability determinations.


We covered subparts D&H under part 404 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and these set the stage as an introduction into overall background of the disability process. Today, we get into the meat of what a Social Security Administration Vocational Expert really cares about!


This is really how to do the job. Just like every job, learning the ropes of the SSAVE job starts with understanding.  An aspiring SSAVE can get this initial information from subpart J of the CFR 404 and all that it entails. Subpart J is the overall determination and administrative review process.  As you can really tell in the title, this determination process will drive the duties of a vocational expert or SSAVE.  In future iterations, you’ll see this baseline as we get into the actual how to or the actual nuts and bolts of the job that the SSAVE performs on a day-to-day basis.


Part J  starts with the introduction, just like the other sub parts related to CFR part 404, as well as definitions and administrative actions that are not initial determinations.  Those initial determinations are claimant situations that enable SSA decisions right off the bat.  Part J then expands with actual reconsiderations…also where the SSA VE will start to get involved.


Next up is disability hearings.  This the actual procedures of a disability hearing.  Reading through this gives the vocational expert a good idea of what procedures and the actual “how to” of disability hearings.  This hearing before an administrative law judge is where the SSAVE will perform 90% or greater of their duties. And we’ll pause now… to roll back into Part 2 of this post in the next section.