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Stroud Academy is proud to announce approval by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) and the American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) to offer Continuing Education Unit hours for students who complete the VELaunchpad©️ course.  This is a unique opportunity for someone who is learning to become a Social Security Administration Vocational Expert to earn up to 50 hours for CRCs or 42 hours for ABVE Diplomates and Fellows while also retooling to become a SSA VE! 

In order to receive this credit, Stroud Academy had to follow each agency’s submission requirements.  This meant detailing all aspects of the course, including the 60 videos, 7 assignments, and 24 tests guaranteed to provide a stable foundation and instill confidence in the next generation of Vocational Expert witnesses for the SSA!

In celebration, Stroud Academy is even offering a limited time code for 25% off each level of the VELaunchpad©️’s offerings with CEU2020.

Anyone interested can check out the course contents in the catalog or via the overview here!

There’s even a video that introduces the program!

For those interested, they can contact Stroud Academy at 609-638-9442 or [email protected]!