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How do you learn? All of us learn in different ways and the Vocational Expert performing impartial witness duties for the Social Security Administration is no different!

The team at Stroud Academy is using this opportunity to talk about being becoming and growing as a vocational expert witness for the Social Security Administration. Marilyn Stroud, CEO and owner of Stroud Vocational Expert Services is seen on the Stroud Academy YouTube channel doing just that!

We begin with the Vocational Expert handbook that Social Security provides. This has been a guiding document ever since Ms. Stroud has been a vocational expert witness…for over eight years now. And we know it was around a long time before that. The problem is, this is just one document. There are over 100 documents, regulatory sources and decisions in existence that the Social Security Administration depends on you, the new vocational expert witness, to know and refer to when performing impartial testimony and witness duties. So, again, will a simple handbook do it all?

We’ve found through training and working with multiple vocational experts over the last eight years at Stroud VE Services that you need more, much more.

The next issue is that you have to be a CRC or an ABVE certified individual to become an SSA vocational expert. But why these certifications? Is it because you have a background in vocational rehabilitation, mental health work, or other related work? Unfortunately, those jobs… combined with the five years of direct experience that is now required by the Social Security Administration to become a vocational expert, do not adequately prepare you for the actual job that you will be doing as an impartial witness for Social Security.

So, two issues now…1) a handbook and 2) no real formal training or experienced crossflow. But…what if I told you that you could have an actual education in the SSAVE world. An education that you could go and see.  At the same time, you would not only learn the what and the how of performing impartial witness duties as a vocational expert witness for Social Security, but more importantly, develop the critical thinking skills to know and explain the why.

Which would be better? This handbook…or the actual education? We’re going to continue this series to help you get there.

Piece by piece, over the upcoming weeks, we’ll get into key items like claimant work histories, testimony preparation, and what transferable skills means in your role as a vocational expert. Hint: it isn’t what you’re used to. So, buckle up as we get into the individual parts and pieces!

However, if you don’t want to wait, you can go get into the VELaunchpad© right now! Get everything that we’ll cover in the coming weeks, plus more…on your schedule…and earn pre-approved CEU credits along the way.

Let’s start learning together.