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So you say that I need to provide all this information as a Social Security Administration Vocational Expert. But there are time constraints, right? I can’t just do this and have all the time that I possibly need to come up with the information…

Well, Let me put your mind at ease…just like everything else there’s an app for that! 

Today we’re talking about what software applications are available for the SSAVE. This is an individual who needs to perform analysis for job information on current job numbers in the national economy for claimants who have a disability.

Once the medical information has been determined and then propagated via hypothetical situation by the administrative law judge, the SSAVE will need to provide input into the court via testimony on whether or not that claimant can perform work.

One of these options for software that we use is put out by SkillTRAN. Job Browser Pro is what I’m going to introduce.  In the video above is actually a portion of what you would see in the intro portion if you were a student in the VELaunchpad courseware – plus much more in-depth information on application later…

Next week we’ll roll out another option for the SSAVE to apply.  Stay tuned!