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Forensic vocational experts evaluate the vocational and rehabilitation needs of individuals in a variety of public, private, government, and legal settings. Primary areas of focus include Social Security disability, public and private run vocational rehabilitation programs, public and private workforce development programs, civil litigation, and workers’ compensation.
Stroud Vocational Expert Services, LLC, provides impartial vocational studies and testimony within the appellant court system of the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). Vocational assessments and testimony surround issues that fall under the following titles of the Social Security Act, as amended: Title II, Disability and Title XVI, Supplemental Security Income.
Many vocational experts begin their career in the concentrated arena of vocational rehabilitation as counselors and others in specialized fields of workforce and human resource development. Expertise is developed through “hands on work” in assisting people with physical disabilities and injuries, mental illness, and psychologic disorders or substance abuse problems; to live a fuller and more independent live style by aiding them in obtaining productive employment.
The Vocational Expert’s understanding of abilities and skills that are required in competitive employment are key elements to the delivery of quality labor market analysis. Vocational Experts are connected to public and privately-operated Disability and Employment communities who work closely together to provide education, training, and employment services who serve those individuals who are challenged with significant employment barriers; such as; disabilities, ex-felons, dislocated workers, older workers, minorities, and disadvantaged youth.
Personal Injury Litigation – Workman’s Compensation Claims
Divorce Proceedings – Life Planning
Key issues that vocational experts address involve lost earnings and a person’s ability to reenter the workforce and maintain substantial gainful employment including the issues of earning capacity and an individual’s ability to maintain competitive employment. Each issue addressed is based on physical and/or mental limitations. Additionally, the Vocational Expert must assess specialized skills and education as well as, employment record and earnings. Each can contribute to the amount of damages a plaintiff may receive.
When an individual’s earning capacity is uncertain, the opinion of a vocational expert’s can play a significant part in determining the value of the plaintiff’s services. Furthermore, inclusion of a vocational expert in conjunction with an economic expert can help avoid weaknesses of relying solely on the plaintiff’s testimony and the loss of future earning capacity by connecting medical aspects with economic impact.
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