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“The Stroud Online Launchpad is actually what first peaked my interest in Stroud Vocational Services. It was the first formal training I had found covering vocational testimony. The training was very thorough and includes simulator training that is the closest you can get to actually providing testimony in a real SSA hearing. When I found out I would also be receiving 50 hours towards my CRC CEU’s, it felt like the perfect addition to my continuing education. Working with Stroud Vocational Services has been a great experience also. In addition to the online training, the support received by not only Marilyn Stroud, CEO, but the Stroud staff has been amazing. There is always someone willing to help! “-Jamie Hooper, MS, CRC, Vocational Expert
Jamie Hooper
Vocational Expert
“This training is thorough and covers everything needed to get you up and running as a vocational expert. I appreciate that it is appropriately sectioned into short segments, so it never really feels overwhelming, despite the fact that there's a lot of information. They really did a good job breaking it all down in a way that made it easy to follow. I highly recommend it”.-Alecia McNish, MA, CRC

“It's been great working with Stroud Vocational Expert Services. They've provided all the training needed to get me up and running, as a Vocational Expert. Everyone has been so helpful. From the very start, Marilyn and Don made themselves available to help me and have truly made this whole experience a pleasant one. Marilyn helped me with all my VE questions and made sure I felt prepared and comfortable to start providing testimonies as a VE. Everyone continues to be a great resource for all my VE questions. It's great having a team available to answer my questions, as they pop up. I highly recommend working here. “- Alecia McNish, MA, CRC
Alecia McNish
“Stroud’s VELaundpad has the most complete and realistic training for the field that I could find. I felt fully prepared for my first hearings and I still draw a lot of information from those training sessions. I would highly recommend these training modules for anyone interested in becoming a Vocational Expert.” -Thomas McCoy
Thomas McCoy
CRC, LPC Vocational Expert
“Marilyn is an outstanding person to work with. As a key person in supporting our work with her previous organization, she was diligent, highly professional, collegiate, efficient and fully supportive. In fact, Marilyn's effort and work was instrumental in ensuring a very successful leadership program and experience.”
"Marilyn demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and patience anyone could expect… work is always high quality… ideas are spot-on solutions to the complex issues…performed at this exceptional level with a caring heart and unlimited enthusiasm."
“In all of my interactions with Marilyn, I have found her to be an enthusiastic team player with lots of energy, ideas and passion for her work. She is a great strategist, but is also a good tactician who can carry out a planned agenda.”
“Marilyn is very personable and her dedication shines through. She truly loves what she does. Her enthusiasm for her work makes her a pleasure to work with. She approaches each project with high energy and a can-do attitude. I'd recommend Marilyn to any organization seeking an engaged, passionate, and motivated team player!”
“Being a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or CRC can be very different and difficult in comparison to being a Vocational Expert for SSA. One of the biggest challenges can be understanding the DOT and SCO in vocational terms. However, having the opportunity to take the training "VE Launchpad from Stroud Vocational Expert Services" makes it possible. All the themes discussed in the training are particularly important to be prepared for your first testimony and first hypotheticals. Also, you can have the option to go back, review and refresh the information between the year. I really appreciate the opportunity to be a member of Stroud Services since 2022. Their support helped me to be and sustain until today a good standing as a VE. Thank you so much!”
Aracelis Figueroa Rivera
L.P.C., C.R.C.
“My experience with Stroud has been very helpful to starting my career in Vocational Expert Testimony. Marilyn and her team have been very helpful, flexible, and patient. They provide you with lot's of knowledge and a supportive team to help you along the way”
Alexis Duggan
I have worked for Stroud Vocational Expert Services since February 2022 as a vocational expert providing independent testimony in SSA appeals hearings. My experience has been very positive, starting with the comprehensive skills training on the VE Launchpad web platform, supplemented by simulated testimony and one-on-one knowledge-based assignment feedback. The training itself promoted a thorough understanding of SSA rules and procedures along with access to up-to-date resource references such as the Vocational Expert Handbook and the SkillTRAN DOT Pocket Guide. Upon successful completion of the training modules and course exam, I was provided with 50 certified educational units for CRC submission, a one-year subscription to SkillTRAN Job Browser Pro desktop version, and a Microsoft Office Suite software package.
My role as an impartial expert providing evidence about a claimant’s vocational abilities in hearings was fully explained during my training and has continued to be supported ongoing by the owners and administration of Stroud VES. It has been immensely helpful to have had the input from Marilyn Stroud who herself has provided expert vocational testimony for over twelve years, along with her husband Don and the other experienced staff at Stroud, whose knowledge of the processes and operations of the SSA system have been extremely helpful. Quarterly meetings are also conducted as well as peer to peer interaction with over a dozen experienced vocational experts through Teams platform.
Overall, I have been very gratified to be part of a family-owned business that is known as a leader in the area of vocational expert testimony, with an excellent reputation across all regions of the social security administration. Stroud VES have made me feel that I am a valued member of their team, and I have found this work to be most fulfilling at this point in my career in the field of vocational rehabilitation counseling.” Jeffrey Buffer, CRC
Jeffrey Buffer
I am proud to be working as a Vocational Expert with such a professional group. The support from my colleagues, the administrative staff, and senior staff is amazing. Marilyn Stroud is brilliant and willing to share her knowledge with all staff. Don Stroud is an exceptional business manager. The training program, Launch Pad, is an outstanding training tool. Wishing Stroud Vocational Experts continued success in all their endeavors. Rita Morse, MA, CRC, QRP
Rita Morse
I’ve had the privilege of working with Stroud Vocational Expert Services as a vocational expert, and it has been an enriching experience. The services provided, including vocational expert consultations and court expert testimony, have allowed me to contribute meaningfully to legal proceedings and provide valuable insights. None of this would have been possible without The “VE Launchpad” vocational expert witness training and preparation. The training sessions have been instrumental in shaping my expertise and enhancing my skills. As a vocational expert, confidence is key, and the training instilled in me the confidence to present my findings, engage in expert testimony, and navigate complex cases. I look forward to continuing this rewarding path.
Yamile Garcia
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