Stroud Services is a multi-expert service, with the ability to offer expertise in various areas of vocational forensic science. The experts that form the team under the umbrella of Stroud Services represent a variety of backgrounds. By bringing together a broad base of talent and incorporating specialized knowledge and experience, we are looking toward the future of the company and how to better serve the field of forensic science with current clients and prospective new clients.

The go-to resource for all phases of SSA Vocational Expert witness training and preparation – including 50 CEU hours for CRCs and 42 CEU hours for ABVEs. Courses continually in development!


Stroud Academy is a resource for all Social Security Administration Vocational Experts and those who desire to become one.  Check us out at Stroud Academy

Stroud Vocational Expert Services offers over fifty years of combined education and experience. Our experts’ understanding of working conditions and the physical demands of various occupations within competitive labor markets are key elements considered within each labor market analysis. We apply the most innovative tools of the trade throughout this process.
Stroud Vocational Experts bring hands on experience from a highly specialized field that confront the challenges of job placement of adult individuals with disabilities and other employment barriers into competitive work environments. Each expert is skilled in the areas of vocational evaluation, workforce and human resource development, social science, and psychology. In addition to a strong educational background, each expert holds a minimum of five years’ experience in vocational rehabilitation, job counseling, and job placement of adult disabled workers and certification as a CRC or ABVE professional. Additionally, our experts understand the complexity of disabilities and who may be challenged with multiple employment barriers. Our experts are competent and versed with current and extensive experience obtained from being actively engaged as principals, employees or private consultants in counseling involved with the actual job placement of adult disabled individuals.
Testimony and/or written responses may include evaluation of the skill levels of a claimant’s prior occupations, the transferability of those skills to other occupations of lesser exertional levels Responses involve oral or written vocational questions, including whether a claimant with specific vocational factors and a given residual functional capacity is qualified to engage in one or more specific occupations and the prevalence of jobs within any such occupations.