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Did you know that the Social Security Administration has its own rulings? Just like every other governmental agency the Security Administration must establish standards to work by and to make sure that everybody is operating on the same page…that’s where rulings come in.

Just like every other agency in the United States government, the Social Security Administration has developed various rulings that guide different claimants, vocational or medical experts, and administrative law judges how to perform on a day-to-day basis.

These Social Security rulings are also available on the Internet so there is no excuse for not understanding what and where they are. The SSA even has a very handy index to aid you in narrowing down your search in short order in the quest to become more educated. The goal here is to really understand what the Social Security Administration standpoint is for rulings in different situations. That index goes from A-Z and has been in existence since 1970 with some of the rulings that are still in effect.

From administrative requirements covering everything from appeals all the way to waivers of rights to object…and then definitions of different items such as what happens when a claimant turns 18 years old to discrimination and different issues according to increased age itself. These are all spelled out through different Social Security rulings. If you are looking for things like appeals council decisions and applications, the Social Security ruling index is a wonderful place to start and narrow your topic down in a quick manner.

Over the next couple of weeks here and on our channel, we are going to get into some of these Social Security rulings, such as the constitutionality of disability and how SSRs (Social Security Rulings) define that. Then we get into actual vocational factors that you would care about as a vocational expert (which is its own ruling) …. we will cover that as well, so we will see you next week!