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There are few things sexier than regulations!!!

Over the last few weeks we’ve talked about the role of a Social Security Vocational Expert in relation to the duties they perform with the Social Security Administration. In order to get to the next level, you really have to understand the regulations that the Social Security Administration adheres to.

This starts up front with the Code of Federal Regulations, part 404.  The first applicable portion is subpart D, which directly applies to the disability situation of any claimant for Social Security benefits. While subpart D may be dry reading for many, the contents provide a great overview for the disability benefits that climates are actually applying for.

This guiding document covers things from overall introduction into actual disability benefits dictated by age, continuance of benefits, benefits for spouses and divorcees, and then children overall. Subpart D also applies to parent benefits and then overall death payments if those are issues that are required.  The biggest thing for a vocational expert to understand is up front in the introduction and cross-references that assist in finding other related regulations.  This cross-reference capability allows the SSAVE to construct a network out of where the disability payments and benefits begin and then overlay all the other regulations supporting the actual implementation of subpart D.

Overall, CFR 404, Subpart D provides an exceptional starting point for a Social Security Administration vocational expert who needs to understand the what and the why behind insurance benefits to really start fleshing out their role as a vocational expert for the Social Security Administration.

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